Members page


To make sure our boat insurance is valid everyone who takes the boat out needs to be a club member. It costs £10 a year and you can pay by paypal or card here. 




You also need to complete a membership form if you havent already. You can download the form here.



You can fill it in and return it to or to Viv/Lisa/Karen and if you prefer you can pay the £10 membership fee online to the BACS details on the form or in cash to Viv MacLennan/Lisa O'Brien/Karen Starr. 

To take the boat out there needs to be at least one person in the boat who is a designated responsible person. They should be a full club member and will have had a brief training session to go through stuff to do with the boat and the safety guidelines etc. This person then takes full responsibility for checking the weather, the tides and condition of the boat before and after rowing. 

If you are just visiting the area, you don't need to pay a full membership but you still need to complete the form and there will be a nominal charge of £2. 

Dates of all the upcoming skiff regattas and competitions from the Scottish Coastal Rowing Associations webs page. Just for info, we won't be entering them all! 


1st place 60+ mixed Ullapool Regatta 2019                                       photo by Francois