Safety Guidelines

Rowing Guidelines


  • The club has a number of experienced members who are willing to cox. One of these should always be present


  • The cox is in charge of the skiff, please respect their decisions.


  • Rowing is at your own risk



Checklist before launching:

Bung in?

Bailer in?

Safety bag in (anchor and radio)?

Rudder/tiller in?

Life jackets on and fitted correctly?

Weather forecast and tides checked?

Safety briefing for new rowers given?


After use:

Tie skiff onto trolley and store safely (usually by wall on pier)

Remove bung

Put rudder and oars inside skiff

Put the cover back on

Put equipment box back 

Report any problems or damage to a committee member


Safety briefing to include:

Lifejackets: pull cord to inflate if fall in water

Moving around in skiff: only 1 person at a time

Person overboard: need to balance skiff when hauling back on board

Capsize: stay with skiff, call for help using radio.